to study the Articles, limited to Chapters IV, V, VI and VIII of Volume I of the Radio Regulations and their associated Appendices, as appropriate, in order to identify outdated aeronautical provisions with respect to ICAO standards and recommended practices and to develop examples of regulatory texts for updating these provisions, while ensuring that potential changes to such provisions will not impact any other systems or services operating in accordance with the Radio Regulations”

APT View:

APT Members are of the view that any proposed changes to the Radio Regulations shall not have any negative impact on current and planned aeronautical systems or applications. APT Members propose no change to Chapters IV, V, VI and VIII of Volume I of the Radio Regulations.

APT Common Proposal: Doc. WRC-23/62(Add.24)(Add.5)

AI Coordinators: Mr. Bui Ha Long (Socialist Rep. of Viet Nam)

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