to conduct studies on spectrum needs, coexistence with radiocommunication services and regulatory measures for possible new allocations for the aeronautical mobile service for the use of non-safety aeronautical mobile applications, in accordance with Resolution 430 (WRC 19)

APT View:

  • APT Members are of the view that the protection of existing primary services in the 15.4-15.7 GHz and 22-22.21 GHz frequency bands and, in adjacent frequency bands shall be ensured.
  • APT Members also are of the view that any potential new allocations of AM(OR)S shall not cause unacceptable interference to, nor claim protection from services to which the bands are allocated together with a firm objective, actionable evidence, measurable and enforceable commitment at the time of submission to that agenda item to undertake compliance with non-interference and non-protection conditions.

APT Common Proposal: None

AI Coordinator:  Dr, Jicheng Fang (China)
Contact: jchfang[at]

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