to conduct, and complete in time for WRC 23, studies for a possible new secondary allocation to the Earth exploration-satellite (active) service for spaceborne radar sounders within the range of frequencies around 45 MHz, taking into account the protection of incumbent services, including in adjacent bands, in accordance with Resolution 656 (Rev.WRC-19)

APT View:

  • At the APG23-6 meeting APT Members were unable to reach full consensus on the best solution to satisfy this agenda item. Noting that ITU-R studies and methods are still to be finalised and that some conditions included in the methods have not yet been agreed in ITU-R. APT members noted that work will continue at the ITU-R on this agenda item at the October 2023 meeting of WP 7C.
  • APT Members are invited, should they deem appropriate, to provide their views/concerns to Administrations intending to add their country name (see section 3.2) to the footnote 5.162A before the WRC-23 deadline for submission of contributions with a view to resolve any possible concerns before WRC-23 on the basis of mutual collaboration among APT Members.

APT Common Proposal: None

AI Coordinator: Mr. Kevin Knights (Australia)
Contact: Kevin.Knights[at]

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