to review Appendix 27 of the Radio Regulations and consider appropriate regulatory actions and updates based on ITU-R studies, in order to accommodate digital technologies for commercial aviation safety-of-life applications in existing HF bands allocated to the aeronautical mobile (route) service and ensure coexistence of current HF systems alongside modernized HF systems, in accordance with Resolution 429 (WRC-19)

APT View:

  • APT Members support modifications to RR Appendix 27 to accommodate digital technologies for aeronautical wideband HF systems, while ensuring compliance with safety requirements and protection of other primary services in the same and adjacent bands, in particular, existing AM(R)S HF systems.
  • APT Members noted that there are differing Wideband HF technologies and are of the view that changes to the RR Appendix 27 should allow new digital wideband HF systems taking into account technology neutrality.

APT Common Proposal: Doc. WRC-23/62(Add.9)

AI Coordinator: Mr. Glenn Odlum (Australia)
Contact: glenn.odlum[at]

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