on the activities of the ITU Radiocommunication Sector since WRC 19:

– Protection of EESS (passive) in the frequency band 36-37 GHz from non-GSO FSS space stations;

APT View:

The APT Members have considered Agenda item 9.1 Topic d, but has not developed a Preliminary APT Common Proposal on the matter. The APT Members have however formed the following view(s) on the Agenda item 9.1 Topic d.

  • APT Members support the results of ITU-R studies on the impact of unwanted emission from non-GSO FSS systems into EESS (passive) and the potential need for unwanted emission limits, or any other solutions, to non-GSO FSS systems.
  • APT Members support protection of EESS (passive) sensors operating in the frequency band 36-37 GHz, including cold-sky calibration, from non-GSO FSS systems operating in the frequency band 37.5-38 GHz.

APT Common Proposal: None

AI Coordinator: Dr. Hwangjae Rhee (Rep. of Korea) 

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