to study the use of International Mobile Telecommunication system for fixed wireless broadband in the frequency bands allocated to the fixed services on primary basis, in accordance with Resolution 175 (WRC-19)

APT View:

  • APT Members support on-going studies to review existing ITU-R Recommendation(s), Report(s) and/or Handbook. If this review identifies any need for their revision to meet the objective of this topic, APT Members support revising them accordingly. Should such a revision still not satisfy the requirements of this topic, the development of new Recommendation(s), Report(s) and/or Handbook is supported.
  • APT Members support no change to the Radio Regulations under agenda item 9.1 topic c), except for suppression of Resolution 175 (WRC-19).
  • APT Members are of the view that the term “fixed wireless broadband” could include a range of applications.
  • APT Members are of the view that there is no need to draft or develop a new or revised Resolution on this matter at WRC-23 under agenda item 9.1, topic c).

APT Common Proposal: Doc. WRC-23/62(Add.24)(Add.3)

AI Coordinator: Mr. Yongseok Seo (Rep. of Korea)
Contact: on1yy[at]


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