in accordance with Resolution 95 (Rev. WRC 19), to review the Resolutions and Recommendations of previous conferences with a view to their possible revision, replacement or abrogation;

Resolution 95 (Rev. WRC 19) – General review of the Resolutions and Recommendations of world administrative radio conferences and world radiocommunication conferences

APT View:

APT Members support the principle and intent of Resolution 95 (Rev.WRC-19), to ensure that the Resolutions and Recommendations of past WRCs are relevant and kept up to date.

Based on the input documents listed above, the table included in Document APG23-5/OUT-35 and the CPM Report, APT Members reviewed the WRC Resolutions/Recommendations and finalized the proposed action for each Resolution/Recommendation. The discussion has resulted in the preliminary APT common proposals contained in Section 5. It should be noted that:

      • The grey shaded rows in the table contained in the preliminary APT common proposals indicate the Resolutions which are explicitly on the current and future agenda items, as specified in Resolution 811 (WRC-19) and Resolution 812 (WRC-19) or in other formal ITU-R/APG documents. The results of the consideration and proposed actions for these Resolutions in relation to specific agenda items are not included in the table;
      • For several Resolutions and Recommendations for which a consensus was reached, regulatory texts for MOD or SUP are also provided in the preliminary APT common proposals.

    APT Common Proposal:  Doc. WRC-23/62 (Add.21)

    AI Coordinator:
    Ms. Keiko Mori (Japan)
    Contact: keikom[at]

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