APG-23 RA Preparation Group considered the following Issues for RA-23.

  • Modification to Resolution ITU-R 65 ( Principles for the process of future development of IMT for 2020 and beyond)

APT has not developed an ACP on this issue. However, following APT Views are agreed at APG23-6:

APT Members are of the view that Resolution ITU-R 65 has been working effectively for IMT from the beginning of IMT-2020. It achieved success during the standardization of IMT-2020 radio interface technologies. It is believed that the IMT standardization is aligned with Radio Regulation. APT Members are of the view that ITU-R continues using the existing process defined in Resolution ITU-R 65 for the next generation IMT standardization, and this principle should be ensured when reviewing the Resolution at Radiocommunication Assembly.

APT Common Proposal: None
Topic Coordinator: Ms. Ying Peng (Peoples Republic of China), Mr. Yoshio Honda (Japan)

  • Revision to Resolution ITU-R 2-8 relating to WRC-23 Agenda Item 8

APT has submitted an ACP to revised Resolution ITU-R 2-8 in this regard. It is proposed to modify Resolution ITU-R 2-8 to enable the CPM to receive and consider contributions concerning proposals by administrations regarding their country footnotes, or country names in footnotes under WRCs standing agenda item described in further resolves 2 of Resolution 26 (Rev.WRC-23) for information only.

APT Common Proposal: Doc. RA-23/10 (Annex.1)
Topic Coordinator: Mr. Kavouss Arasteh (Islamic Republic of Iran)

  • New Resolution on Gender

On this issue APT has developed an ACP. In this ACP, APT Members propose to the Radiocommunication Assembly to consider and approve a Resolution on Promoting Gender Equality, Equity and Parity in the ITU Radiocommunication Sector.

APT Common Proposal: Doc. RA-23/10 (Annex.2)
Topic Coordinator: Ms. Lois Newman (Australia)

  • Revision to Resolution ITU-R 1-8

APT Members expressed their views on this issue based on the draft text developed by RAG on the office term of WP Chair. However, APT does not have any view or has not developed any ACP on this.

APT Common Proposal/APT View: None
Topic Coordinator: Mr. Young Ik Jo (Republic of Korea)

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