to consider a possible upgrade of the allocation of the frequency band 14.8-15.35 GHz to the space research service, in accordance with Resolution 661 (WRC-19)

APT View:

The APT Members have considered agenda item 1.13 but have not developed a Preliminary APT Common Proposal on the matter. The APT Members have however formed the following view(s) on the agenda item:

  • The fixed and mobile services are allocated on a primary basis in the 14.8-15.35 GHz band and the radio astronomy service is allocated on a primary basis in the 15.35-15.4 GHz band. The 14.8-15.35 GHz band is used extensively for fixed links in many countries including developing countries as well as for mobile links between aircrafts/helicopters and ground stations to transmit critical information including on public protection and disaster relief.
  • According to Resolution 661 (WRC-19), possible upgrade of the space research service in the 14.8-15.35 GHz band shall ensure the appropriate protection of, and not impose additional constraints on the incumbent primary services in this band and the adjacent bands.
  • APT Members believe that studies and relevant regulatory provisions must be finalised in ITU-R. If possible upgrade of the space research service in the 14.8-15.35 GHz band could not ensure enough protection of and/or impose additional constraints to/adversely affect the incumbent primary services in-band and adjacent band, APT Members would support no change to the Radio Regulations.

APT Common Proposal: None

AI Coordinator: Mr. Rui Han (China)
Contact: hanrui[at]

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