to review and consider possible adjustments of the existing or possible new primary frequency allocations to EESS (passive) in the frequency range 231.5-252 GHz, to ensure alignment with more up-to-date remote-sensing observation requirements, in accordance with Resolution 662 (WRC-19

APT View:

APT Members support Method B (option-1) of the CPM report to WRC-23 to address this agenda item. APT members support the addition of new primary allocations to the EESS (passive) in the frequency bands 239.2-242.2 GHz and 244.2-247.2 GHz, swap the current FS and MS allocations in the frequency band 239.2-241 GHz to the frequency band 235-238 GHz and limitation of the EESS (passive) allocation in the 235-238 GHz to limb-sounding operations.

APT Common Proposal: Doc. WRC-23/62(Add.14)

AI Coordinator: Dr. Balthasar Indermuehle (Australia)
Contact: balt.indermuehle [at]


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