to consider possible regulatory actions to support the modernization of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System and the implementation of e-navigation, in accordance with Resolution 361 (Rev.WRC-19)

APT View(s)

  • Issue A (resolves 1): GMDSS Modernization

APT Members support Method A of the CPM Report to address this agenda item and drafted a Preliminary APT Common Proposal on the matter. APT Members could not reach consensus on Alternatives A1, A2 or A3 of the CPM Report with respect to the band 1 645.5-1 646.5 MHz (Earth-to-space).

  • Issue B (resolves 2): E-navigation

APT Members support Method B to address this agenda item, and drafted a Preliminary APT Common Proposal on the matter.

  • Issue C (resolves 3): Introduction of additional satellite systems into the GMDSS

The APT has considered AI 1.11 Issue C but has not developed an  APT Common Proposal on the matter. The APT has however formed the following view(s) on the AI 1.11 Issue C: APT Members support the introduction of the existing geostationary satellite system/networks described in the CPM Report into the GMDSS, provided that coordination and notification in accordance with the relevant and applicable provisions of Articles 9 and 11 of the Radio Regulations and associated Rules of Procedure to be completed in order to protect services to which the bands are currently allocated.

APT Common Proposal: Doc. WRC-23/62(Add.11)

AI Coordinators:

For Issue A, Mr. Yoshio Miyadera (Japan). 

For Issue B, Dr. Byungok Kim (Rep. of Korea)
Contact: kimbo60[at]

For Issue C, Ms. Xia Ge (People’s Rep. of China)

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