to examine the revised ITU-R Recommendations incorporated by reference in the Radio Regulations communicated by the Radiocommunication Assembly, in accordance with the further resolves of Resolution 27 (Rev.WRC-19), and to decide whether or not to update the corresponding references in the Radio Regulations, in accordance with the principles contained in the resolves of that Resolution;

Resolution 27 (Rev.WRC-19): Use of incorporation by reference in the Radio Regulations

APT View:

  • Issue 1: Consideration of the revised IBR ITU-R Recommendations and consequential changes to the relevant references in the Radio Regulations

APT Members agreed to update the relevant references in the Radio Regulations for Recommendation ITU-R M.585. Furthermore, following the past practice, APT Members also agreed to prepare the relevant regulatory text regarding Recommendation ITU-R M.633 in order to facilitate the consideration by WRC-23, in case the revision is indeed approved before WRC-23.

  • Issue 2: Removal of reference to Resolution 27 (Rev.WRC-19) in some provisions

APT Members agreed to remove the reference to Resolution 27 (Rev. WRC-03) from RR Nos. 21.2.2 and 21.4.1.

  • Issue 3: Standardizing how to reference ITU-R Recommendations in non-mandatory nature

APT Members agreed to use the phrase “most recent version of” for some non-mandatory Recommendations in the Radio Regulations, where appropriate.

APT Common Proposal: Doc. WRC-23/62 (Add.20)

AI Coordinator:
Ms. Keiko Mori (Japan)
Contact: keikom[at]

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