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Seeking Guidance from Meeting

IMT identification for the frequency band 3.6 – 3.8 GHz and inclusion of aeronautical mobile service for upgraded of secondary mobile in R1 is out of scope of this agenda item, which are requested within some contributions. The sub-working group resolved, almost, the inclusion of aeronautical mobile issue by change of position of proponent administration. However, IMT identification would be raised in higher levels, probably for the Plenary meeting. Therefore, I seek APT members position on such issue.

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Dear M. Fard,

As stated in the APT views listed that are referenced on this AI 1.3 page, "  i.e., no identification of the frequency band 3 600-3 800 MHz for IMT", we believe that IMT identification is outside the scope of this Agenda Item.

Under the AI 1.3 scope as set out by Resolution 246 (attached), only the upgrade of the Mobile service from secondary to primary should be discussed under this Agenda Item. WP5A, responsible for "Land Mobile service excluding IMT; amateur and amateur-satellite service" was designated by CPM19-1 to handle the studies for AI 1.3 for a reason: IMT is not within the scope.

There is a great risk in opening the AI 1.3 for consideration of IMT identification (or aeronautical mobile for that matter) as this would create a precedence where anyone would be able to freely change the scope of an agenda item.

The proposal would therefore to strongly oppose any IMT identification under AI 1.3.

Best regards,


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