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Report of the Agenda Item 1.1

  1. Agenda Item 1.1

to consider, based on the results of the ITU R studies, possible measures to address, in the frequency band 4 800-4 990 MHz, protection of stations of the aeronautical and maritime mobile services located in international airspace and waters from other stations located within national territories, and to review the pfd criteria in No. 5.441B in accordance with Resolution 223 (Rev.WRC 19);

  1. Topics proposed by other regional Groups or ITU Members which are not included in ACP and APT View
  • Proposal to modify Article 11.14 (Notification and recording of Frequency


  1. Progress of discussion during WRC-23 on the Agenda Item
  • The group has held 4 meetings, where countries introduce documents, and the status of input contribution as follows
Methods Input contributions
Method A (NOC) 100(Add.1) – ASMG
Method D (relaxation of the pfd in No. 5.441B and deletion of the exemption list 65(Add.1) – CEPT

91 –Australia, Canada, Korea, New Zealand, Thailand

Method F (deletion of the pfd in No. 5.441B and deletion of the exemption list) 59(Add.1) – Cuba

80 – Russian Federation(Study)

85(Add.1) –RCC

87(Add.1) - ATU

111(Add.1) – China

115 – Brazil

178 - Indonesia, Lao, Viet Nam

Method E (relaxation of the pfd in No. 5.441B, deletion of the exemption list + a new footnote with No. 9.21 and no pfd) 193 - Costa Rica, Mexico
Country requests to join No. 5.441B 58, 69, 146*, 160*, 165*, 177*, 195*, 199
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