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Report AI1.1 Friday 1

Progress of discussion during WRC-23 on the Agenda Item

  1. Chair SWG4A1 scheduled an informal meeting between regional group representatives. Since APT does not have a common proposal, representatives from APT were asked to represent both sides, both from IMT and from AMS/MMS.
  2. Furthermore, the WG4A1 chair proposed that after an informal meeting of regional group representatives, the SWG4A1 discussion would be divided into 2 groups, namely the group that supports IMT and AMS/MMS. Each group was asked to formulate text for the issue 1.1

Issues which require discussion at APT Coordination Meetings and seek guidance thereafter

  1. for the APT coordination meeting agenda later, who will be appointed to represent the IMT and AMS/MMS?

Yesterday's discussion from the AMS/MMS side, Australia would be represented, while from the IMT side no name had been proposed.

2. asking for suggestions, since APT does not have a common proposal, is it possible for us to propose APT representatives to be able to attend each group meeting?

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