AI9.1 (Topic a)

on the activities of the ITU Radiocommunication Sector since WRC 19:

– In accordance with Resolution 657 (Rev. WRC 19), review the results of studies relating to the technical and operational characteristics, spectrum requirements and appropriate radio service designations for space weather sensors with a view to describing appropriate recognition and protection in the Radio Regulations without placing additional constraints on incumbent services;

APT View:

  • APT Members support the ITU-R studies so far carried out relating to the definition of space weather and appropriate radiocommunication service designations (MetAids) for operation of space weather sensors, as proposed in the CPM Report for inclusion in Articles 1 and 4 of the Radio Regulations.
  • Should the agenda of WRC-27 include space weather sensors as an agenda item, it is necessary that the supporting Resolution for this new agenda item includes, inter alia, protection of services to which the band is allocated as well as services in adjacent bands.

APT Common Proposal: Doc. WRC-23/62(Add.24)(Add.1)

AI Coordinator:  Mr. Takahiro Yokoyama (Japan)
Contact: t.yokoyama[at]

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